Stansted Airport Guide

Stansted Airport is the third busiest airports in London, serving more than 190 destinations all over the world. It is not surprising that thousands of passengers are being accommodated here every single day. It is easy to get caught on expensive transport costs and limited flight schedule options.

This guide will help you avoid this stressful situation, so you’ll enjoy your travel to the beautiful spots surrounding this are. Organising the details, you’ll get from the flight information, available facilities, hotel bookings and ways of travelling to and from the airport is the key to an exceptional experience.

Stansted Airport Flight Information

Knowing the arrival and departure schedules should be a hassle-free experience for everyone. You can compare the lowest prices of tickets and track discounts when available. Easyjet offers cheap flights to favorite holiday resorts on Costa del Sol and other islands, while Ryanair accommodates travel to Spain and many places in Europe.

stansted airport

There are six airlines that operate at the airport, flying to UK, USA and many world destinations. The Stansted airline has routes at the eastern part of Europe as well as on the Arctic Circle. You can view live flight information, different routes and book your preferred date and time of arrival or departure.

Stansted Airport Facilities

Stansted Airport has useful facilities that are specially built for user-convenience. They are all located in accessible areas for a stress-free experience. From toilets to cash machines and telephone booth, they can be viewed on various directories and maps situated within the airport.

Food outlets are also ready to feed your hungry stomach although the choice is not as plentiful as say London LHR. This location is also equipped with business facilities for business travellers who need to stay on top of their goals even when they’re at the airport. Passengers can also enjoy up to four hours of free WiFi access with additional charges when they exceed their usage allowance.

Stansted Airport Car Hire

Travel to and from Stansted Airport by car is comfortable and convenient. It is the most convenient way to access the greatest spots surrounding Greater London at your chosen schedule.

Whether you need a car for the whole family or you want to drive alone, there are many car hire companies that operate in the Airport Car Rental Village situated outside the terminal and can be accessed by riding the free shuttle bus. You have flexible options to choose the service that fits your budget.

There is also a 24-hour BP service station nearby if you have a car rental agreement to return the car with a full tank.

Stansted Airport Hotels

Stansted Airport has closest hotels that are a few minutes ride only from the airport. But if you want to catch up an early flight or avoid the queues during the holiday season, it is a smarter decision to book an airport hotel. Stansted Hotels do not only offer a chance to rest, but they can also organise airport transfers.

You can have a longer rest without the fear of being late on your flight. These hotels are equipped with facilities like restaurants and entertainment areas. Pre-booking can also allow you to avail discounted prices as an excellent value for money.