Heathrow Airport: Flights / Car Hire / Hotels / Passenger Information

Brief overview
Heathrow Airport or the London Heathrow is a prestigious International Airport in London, United Kingdom. This airport has four functioning terminals at present (with another planned).

Earlier it had five terminals but since the exit of Terminal 1 in 2015, the airport operates through:

  • Terminal 2: TW6 1EW
  • Terminal 3: TW6 1QG
  • Terminal 4: TW6 3XA
  • Terminal 5: TW6 2GA only

Heathrow Airport is one of the six international airports that serve Greater London. It lies on the westward side of Central London by a distance of approximately 23 km (14 miles) which makes it ideal for those intending upon a visit amidst the streets of London. The two runways are built parallel to each other in opposite directions and these along with four terminals cover up an area of 12.27 square kilometres (4.74 sq mi). This is a brief description of the physical and geographical setting of London Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport incorporates everything that is required by a passenger for a safe and sound journey. Their services have provisions for a variegated range of passengers like children, generic travellers, aged ones, those with physical disabilities and of course, business professionals. A detailed guide has been given below which will prove to be of assistance to future travellers.

Flight details

London Heathrow Airport is the finest International airport in London, United Kingdom. The majorly travelled routes boasted by this airport include New York, Dubai, and Hong Kong. More than 80 prominent airlines companies like Air India, American Airlines, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Emirates and operate their flights to and from Heathrow Airport throughout the year.

heathrow airport

With over 75 million passengers boarding flights to more than 190 global destinations per year, Heathrow Airport has been accredited as the busiest airport in Europe. Not only this, the International Passenger Traffic transporting 1.4 million tonnes of cargo through here made it the second busiest airport!

The passengers are required to reach the airport before time and check-in at the designated area as the extensive security measures can take time.

Terminal 2 Check-in at the top floor of the building
Terminal 3 Check-in at the ground floor of departure building
Terminal 4 Check-in on the first floor of the building
Terminal 5 Check-in at the top of the building

With newer technologies in place, the passengers can track the live status of the flights through Live Flight Arrivals and Live Flight Departure tracking mechanism of Heathrow Website. They provide all the relevant information regarding the flight timings, cancellations, and rescheduling along with the Terminal number of each airline.

Amenities at Heathrow Airport Terminals

The London Heathrow Airport brims with endless facilities that ensure the passengers’ experience is devoid of any inconvenience. The Airport is endowed with all basic necessities that make a journey sustainable and enjoyable. From cash machines to Airport parking, everything will be at your disposal in all the terminals.
Go through the following pointers that comprise of the facilities available here:

  • Shopping Centers: The Airport has a treat for all the shopaholics in the form of numerous shopping spaces. Passengers can book a lounge to relish its opulence.
  • Showers & Toilets: Entire Heathrow Airport is well-fitted with toilets scattered in equal numbers at all the terminals (Arrival & Departure).
  • Conference Centers: The Airport has well-built executive lounges and business communication aids like Wi-Fi and telephone connectivity for business people.
  • Family Facilities: There is a special kid’s section at the Airport, solely meant for toddlers and babies. They help in keeping the kids occupied during your halt at the airport.
  • Aids for Disabled: Special assistance is available for such travellers including separate toilets. Their comfort is taken care of properly.
  • Tight Security: The traveler must abide by the security restrictions imposed on hand luggage and other harmful items. They must be familiar with the latest duty-free allowances by checking them at UK Border Agency website.
  • Information Desks: You can reach out to these desks for any help at the airport.

Car Hire at Heathrow Airport (LHR)

At the Heathrow Airport, catching hold of public conveyances amidst the swarm of people can be quite overwhelming, time-consuming, expensive and obviously, exhausting. The lack of proper vehicle tends to ruin your plans but hiring cars at Heathrow turns out to be the best way out. This not only tackles elaborate waiting periods but also provides various other benefits.

The hired cars are highly economical and much better than the over-crowded public transports that lead to nothing but delay. These utilities will compel you to hire a private car at the Heathrow Airport and that is why we have done the research for you!

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Hotels at Heathrow Airport

Another issue that holds major concern for a traveller is the availability of decent accommodation where they can stay or spend the night in. But no worries since Heathrow boasts plenty of hotels within its vicinity that remain at your disposal irrespective of your arrival timings.

These hotels are approachable through all the four terminals of Heathrow Airport and the options are highly variegated in terms of expenses, facilities, availability of rooms and most importantly, the stature of service provided in each of these hotels and hence we have done the work for you!

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The hotel is set amidst a soulful location and is quite near to Central London. It has all the facilities to cater the guests with and offers a warm and congenial atmosphere to those who are strangers to London. You can visit their website for detailed information and even book a private taxi for yourself.